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Flyfish the Salmon River area of Lake Ontario in New York State and experience

the Northeast's finest flyfishing for Salmon, Steelhead and Trout!


The Salmon River is the premier salmon, steelhead and trout stream in our area. In addition, our guiding service incorporates fishing 12 other tributaries, including private access to a number of streams. The Salmon River is a medium to large size tailwater fishery with heavy flows and a rocky. slippery bottom. The River is famous for its huge runs of fish and the large average size of its fish. Salmon average 20 Ibs. with fish exceeding 30 Ibs. not uncommon. Steelhead average 10 Ibs. and brown trout 8 Ibs. Fisheries for Skamania summerrun steelhead andAtlantic Salmon are presently being developed. Two sections of the River have been set aside as catch and release flyfishing only areas. Oswego Outfitters also offers opportunities for:

Float tubefishing for trophv brown trout where tributary streams enter Lake Ontario.

Small stream trout fishing with an emphasis on dry flyflshing in the Tug Hill Region.

Float Tube fishing the Salmon River Reservoir for trout and bass


The Salmon River is located on the Eastern shore of Lake Ontario in rural Upstate New York. Although it is not a wilderness area, it does boast a sparsely populated outdoor environment of great beauty. Weather conditions during the fishing season can vary greatly so both warm and cold weather clothing is advisable. The best fishing weeks are: At Pacific Salmon September I through October 25

Brown Trout Mid October through mid November

Steelhead Mid October to January I

WinterSteelhead January through February dependent on weather

Spring Steelhead March through May 5

Atlantic Salmon Seasons to be determined by State regulations.


Reservations should be made as soon as possible. Our Rates are $200 for 1 person, $300 for 2 people. In order to provide the best personal service, we recommend one guide per party of two. A deposit of 50% is required. Our rates include lunch but do not include flies and tackle.


Pacific Salmon: 9' to 10' 9/10 wt. rods, Teeny Floating and Nymph lines, leaders of 12 to 15 lb.test.

Steelhead, High Water: 10 1/2' Ultra Light Flyrods for 2-6 lb. tippets in conjunction with floating running lines for deaddrifting nymphs and egg patterns.

Steelhead, Low Water: 9 to 10 1/2' 6/8 wt. rods, floating lines.

Neoprene bootfoot waders and wading staff are necessary. Stream cleats are mandatory. Polaroid glasses, cold weather and waterproof clothing are essential. Flies will vary from size 2 to 14, including egg and nymph patterns as well as traditional steelhead patterns.

An article from FlyFishingNetwork, Guiding Kathy , nuances of a smart angler and guide work together for steelhead success. The guide is Greg Liu.

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